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Important Information

Confidentiality and Security

The information shared with me is held in strict confidence and all electronically stored
information is stored on a password protected drive.
In adherence with the BACP ethical code, I am obliged to break confidentiality if you were to
disclose involvement in or knowledge of an act of terrorism, money laundering and drugs

trafficking. In addition I have a personal policy to report instances of harm to self or to others
and I do have a legal obligation to report harm or abuse to a minor or vulnerable adult.

Video counselling takes advantage of the encrypted services offered by Zoom and should
you choose to work with me, I will guide you through setting up a free account for your
therapy. You do not need a webcam to use Zoom counselling.

At the end of our counselling agreement copies of our exchanges will be stored electronically
on a password protected drive for a period of 7 years or in the case of a child 7 years after
their 18 th birthday in accordance with suggestions from the BACP after this time the
information will be deleted and any paper documents will be shredded.

In addition, if at any point during the counselling you were in need of emergency support, I
may ask for your consent to contact your GP, or recommend alternative avenues of support
other than online counselling.

In an emergency

Online counselling is not sufficient support if you feel you are in crisis.
Signs of crisis may be feelings or thought about suicide or harming yourself or another. In
this case please consider contacting your local accident and emergency department at your
nearest hospital and ask to speak to someone from the crisis team.

If you feel you need immediate assistance you may consider contacting the Samaritans, they
are available by telephone on 08457 90 90 90 or by email on
All client material is treated in complete confidence and is removed from my computer at the
end of our work together. Electronic records are stored on a password protected memory
stick and kept in a locked filing cabinet. No identifying names or material is retained on these
records as a client ID number is used to replace such information.

Conditions of counselling

I would ask that you do not record any of the content of our sessions without my prior

If you have any questions regarding the content of this agreement, or would like further
information, please contact me at:


Clients are asked to be aware that the use of an online video platform such as Zoom comes with the risk, although minimal, that confidentiality may be compromised due to the innate fallibility of the technology being used and the fact that the counsellor, Helen Skelly does not have sole control over the software used for online counselling sessions.

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